Reducing traffic crashes and deaths through education… community by community.

Our Mission

DRIVE SMART COLORADO’s mission is to reduce the number of traffic crashes through community collaboration and education.

With a strong 20+ year track record of enhancing traffic safety, has a variety of successful, proven, educational campaigns that can be customized for your locale and audience. DRIVE SMART is a community leader in traffic safety, creating programs that increase seat belt use, promote substance-free driving, impart positive behind-the-wheel behavior, boost motorcycle safety, enhance pedestrian safety, and make a demonstrable difference in school bus safety, safe teen driving and child passenger safety.

DRIVE SMART COLORADO provides technical support and training to facilitate coalition building, problem identification, program implementation and evaluation.

Services Offered
  • Identify issues and develop, plan, implement and evaluate traffic safety programs in urban and rural settings
  • Consulting services for agencies and coalitions implementing traffic safety programs:
    • Coordinate program activities
    • Financial management
    • Administrative services
  • Presentations and Trainings
    • Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL)
    • How to Build Safety Alliances: Improving Transportation Safety Community by Community
    • Alcohol: Underage Drinking
    • Alcohol: Impaired Driving
    • Occupant Protection
    • Child Passenger Safety
    • Teen Driving
    • The Key to Prevention
    • Aggressive Driving
    • School Zone Safety
    • School Bus Safety
    • Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety
    • ATV Safety
  • Conference Planning

  • DRIVE SMART High School Traffic Safety Challenge
  • Community Safety Belt Challenge
  • Elementary School Pedestrian Safety
  • Middle School Underage Drinking Prevention
  • Middle School Pedestrian Safety
  • Saved By the Belt
  • Keep Kids Alive Drive 25
  • Aggressive Driving Prevention
  • Winter Driving Safety
  • Regional Street Racing Taskforce
  • Regional DUI (Driving Under Influence) Taskforce
  • Safe Routes to School
  • Child Passenger Safety
  • Community Health Promotion Award for Excellence: U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services
  • Hope Award for Excellence: Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association
  • Outstanding Service Award in Child Passenger Safety: Colorado Department of Transportation
  • Colorado State Patrol Colonel’s Award for Excellence:  2005 & 2008
  • Colorado Springs Police Department Commendation
  • Certificate of Appreciation: Farm Safety 4 Just Kids
  • Certificate of Appreciation: Division Special Troops Battalion

Who Can Benefit from DRIVE SMART COLORADO’s Services?

Community Coalitions
Military Installations
Law Enforcement Agencies
Regional Emergency and Trauma Advisory Councils (RETAC)
Physician Offices
Health Departments
Public Health Nursing Services

Schools and Colleges
Fire Departments
Private Businesses
Child Care Centers
Faith-Based Organizations
City, County and State Government
and others….