DRIVE SMART COLORADO is a non-profit with a mission to reduce traffic crashes and deaths through community collaboration and education. With encouragement from the Colorado Department of Transportation, DRIVE SMART COLORADO was asked to take a serious look at the “senior driving population” and begin a program focusing on this age group.  The first step that DRIVE SMART COLORADO took was to found an Older Driver Coalition (2014). A diverse group of individuals that represented organizations that worked with this population.  The coalition created a mission of their own: Address safe driving and transportation needs of seniors by providing resources to support independence so they remain integral members of their community as they transition from drivers to passengers.

We all want to maintain our independence as we get older. For many people, their independence is linked to their car. Drivers who use smart self-management to

review their driving skills can retain their independence longer, while limiting risks to themselves and others.

It is important to understand how aging and aging-related changes in health status affect the ability to drive safely. There are resources offered here that will help navigate this part of life’s journey.  

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Download Colorado’s guide for aging drivers and their families.