Mission Statement

The mission of DRIVE SMART COLORADO is to reduce the number of traffic crashes through community collaboration and education.



Founded in 1989, DRIVE SMART COLORADO is committed to enhancing traffic safety in Colorado by working on a variety of campaigns to reduce traffic-related injuries and fatalities.  In 1992, DRIVE SMART COLORADO became a 501 (c) 3 non-profit.  Based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado, the activities of DRIVE SMART COLORADO reach the different corners of Colorado by working with individuals in various counties to enhance their own traffic safety programming.

Partnering with community members, business and organizations

The key to DRIVE SMART’s success stems from the extended partnerships in each community who have buy-in to the mission.  These individuals come together and form a “DRIVE SMART” coalition in their own area with active members from: local law enforcement, municipal and county government, public health, schools, insurance agencies, military installations (if applicable), local businesses, hospitals, emergency medical services, other non-profits and concerned citizens.

Needs addressed through DRIVE SMART COLORADO

The term motor vehicle traffic includes motor vehicle occupants, motorcyclist, pedestrians and bicyclists injured on a public road with a motor vehicle.  Nationally and locally, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of injury and death ages 1 – 34.  Evidence-based recommendations include awareness-raising campaigns with continuous reinforcement messages as well as community-wide programming that combine education and enforcement.  DRIVE SMART incorporates these recommended strategies in all of its programs and campaigns.

Partnership recognition:

Thanks to the following organizations for their generous contributions to DRIVE SMART COLORADO